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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Habib Umar Bin Hafiz: at Masjid Abd Aleem Siddique 2007 & live from Tarim, Yemen

" Qasidah Burdah with Habib Umar Bin Hafiz at Masjid Abd Aleem Siddique "

Alhamdulillah, All Praises to Allah for giving me the opportunity to be in the blessed company of the descendants of Rasulullah (saw) who carry the 'chain of Light' and we hope by loving them, we will be gathered together with them and Rasulullah (saw), the Companions and the Solihin, insyallah. I had the greatest pleasure of joining Habib 'Umar bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidz bin Abdullah bin Abu Bakar bin 'Aydrus bin 'Umar bin 'Aydrus bin 'Umar bin Abu Bakar bin 'Aydrus bin al-Husain bin Syaikh Abu Bakar bin Salim and his 'mureed' for 'tazkirah' here in Singapore. I will try upload the video as soon as I can. The knowledge was incredible 'Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله)'

Habib Umar Bin Hafiz lecture
@Masjid Abd Aleem Siddique, Friday 23 Feb 2007
Tasawuf - Spiritual journey light
Transcribe by : Light of Eminence
The descendant of Rasulullah (saw), the great great grandson of Shaikh Abu Bakr Bin Salim, Al-Habib Umar Hafiz, began the lecture by saying Praises to Allah Tabaraka wa Taala.

Allah created men and know what is in their hearts. Tasauf does not only refer to the inner being but also good character. Ahli Tasauf are those who have knowledge and act based on that knowledge. They study all branches of knowledge. In every era, these people exist. They practice what they learnt and therefore Allah granted them knowledge from Him. Their hearts are then purified of all sins (maksiat) and they are known as people who are careful in everything they do in life. They have reached Ihsan. They are keepers of the secret of their ibadah and they have reached a high status.

They fight against their nafs. "And those who strive in Our (cause),- We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right." (29:69). They put in a lot of effort on this path. Some Arifin said, "Those who do not have extraordinary perseverance will not achieve this status." A lot of people gave up on the path when they find out how difficult it is.

Then, there are those who use the name of tasauf for their own benefit. Their actions are against the Sunnah, they betray the trust of others and they trick people. But these people do not represent the teachings of Tasauf and their actions should not mar the name of Tasauf.

Al-Habib Umar mentioned the story of how Imam Ghazali was a teacher to 300 ulama' when he was still young, but he left one day to do some introspection on himself, as mentioned in Munkidh Min al-Dalal.

He mentioned Salahuddin, the famous warrior of Islam, how he was greatly inspired by the teachings of Tasauf and Imam Ghazali. One day, Salahuddin was sitting with his friends. As they were chatting, one of them mentioned something, and all of them laughed except Salahuddin. They asked him why he didn't laugh and he said, "I feel ashamed if Allah sees me laughing when Baitul Maqdis has not been freed yet."

Al-Habib also mentioned how there was a daughter of an ulama' who wrote to Imam Ahmad Hambal asking a very interesting question. She asked...I work as a seamstress and every night, I will do some sewing to earn a living. I need light in order to sew, therefore I always sit by the palace where there is light so that I can do my sewing. Is what I'm doing halal? (the palace is not a good place). So, Imam Hambal wanted to know who asked such a question. He found out that it was the daughter of a Wara' man. Therefore he told her that it would have been okay for other people but not her - because she is the daughter of a pious man. A man who is wara' will pass on the character to his children.

He also mentioned the story of a man who went to a mosque and saw two groups of people studying. He wanted to test which of the two is better. He went to the first, and when he came, he just remained standing. The teacher in the group asked him why he's standing. He said, "I see something bad in you." The teacher on hearing this said, "If you think 1 bad thought about me, I have 1000 bad thoughts about you." So, the man left and went to the 2nd group. Again, he remained standing. The teacher in the group asked him why he's standing. He said, "I see something bad in you." On hearing this, the teacher wept and said, "The weaknesses I have which you cannot see are more than the one that you saw." Upon hearing this, all his students wept too. So, the man knew which of the two groups is better.

A person, good or bad, can learn outer knowledge. However only those in truth can learn inner knowledge - the Light of Rasulullah (saw)'s teachings. Therefore, we should love those who posess that Light.

HABIB UMAR LIVE (ONLINE) click here to watch

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