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Monday, August 6, 2007

The lecture of Habib Salim As-Shatiri from Hadhramout, Yemen, 2-3 Aug 2007, Singapore

Habib Salim As-Shatiri from Hadhramout, Yemen will be in Singapore,
organize by Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique, Singapore
originally uploaded by hatzjourney.
text by nuruliman

" thats me in red at the corner of Maqam Habib Nuh with Habib Salim
(he was in a wheelchair),rushed there after my work meeting "

Last Thursday, I visited Haji Mohd Salleh Mosque and the Maqam Habib Nuh (click here for more Singapore Islamic Saint), for Habib Salim short lecture and Zuhr prayer . He advised us to visit maqams of para Wali - Wali Allah but we must be free of Maksiat and evil intentions. We must first have strong aqidah, straightened our path and Tauhids before we visit these maqams. And he said, nowadays many people claim to love the Walis but their actions go against Islam. He also advised us to take care of our Solat Zuhr and Asar even when we are busy/working and these prayer are very important.

The night later at crowded Ba'alwie Mosque, Habib Salim said that in the month of Rejab, we should do good deeds as all good deeds will get multiple rewards. In Rejab, we should do a lot of Istighfar. The famous Istighfar being: Rabighfirli, warhmani, watub alayya. We should also fast - fasting on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the month of Rejab is equivalent to ibadah for 700 years. We should also make lots of supplications too.

He then mentioned the Israk Mikraj. One interesting thing he mentioned was how Prophet Musa (a.s) asked Rasulullah (saw) to ask Allah (swt) to reduce the number of obligatory prayers. He said, this is proof that those who have passed on to the next world, can still benefit those who are alive.

Friday night at Abdul Allem Siddique Mosque, the habib mentioned how the South-east Asian countries have a link to Hadhramaut, Yemen. In Indonesia, there's the Wali Songo. In Singapore, there's Habib Muhammad bin Salim Al-Attas and Shaykh Umar Al-Khatib, who have taught a lot of great Islamic teaching.

The blessing of Iman cannot be bought. A lot of people are not given Iman, so it's a great blessing. He said that we should be wary fo those who spread fitnah - do not think bad of others and call others kafir. Some people say that people in Hadhramaut are grave worshipers. This is not true. What they do is to visit graves. Whereas maulid is an event to remember Rasulullah (saw).

Islam came with teachings which are necessary for humans. And these teachings can only be obtained by seeking knowledge. Therefore, make an effort to attend circles of knowledge - classes. But ensure that the teacher is one who has studied under another teacher which leads all the way to Rasulullah (saw). Whoever makes a book his teacher, will be lost. He stressed the importance of sending the children to the correct place to seek knowledge. Do not send the children to non-Muslim countries to seek religious knowledge - this is not right. Protect your family from sins like Zina and Sodomy. Nowadays, there's been an influx of negative culture. They are attacking Islam by introducing a culture which is against Islamic values. Particularly, the way people dresses these days. He mentioned the saying of a habib, "When you see men behaving like wolves, do not be like a sheep and when you see men behaving like sheeps, do not be like a wolf."

He stressed the following:
Always perform the Fardhu prayers, especially the Fajr prayer. In Jeddah, there was a person who passed away and each time they dug a grave, snakes appeared in it. In the end, they just buried him. When asked, it was said that the man never prayed when he was alive.
Teach your child to pray and always ask your child whether he has prayed - do not be unconcerned and assume he has prayed.
Perform Sunnat prayers like Tahajud & Duha.
Treat your parents well - do not make them your helper/maid. It was related that there was once a man who carried his mother all the way from Yemen to Mecca for the pilgrimage. The man asked S. Abdullah bin Umar Al-Khattab, "Have I done true service to my mother?" S. Abdullah said that what he did can never match the service his mother has done for him.
Keep good relations with your close relatives. Provide for their needs. The minimum is to be happy for them when they are happy. It is said that providing for the needs of your relative is better than iktikaf for 10 years.
Keep away from SMOKING. Smoking can cause 120 diseases and 10% of the profits from cigarettes, goes to the Kafir. He mentioned that some ulama considers smoking haram. At this point, he took out his siwak from his pocket! Replace cigarette with siwak, he said. Siwak brings the pleasure of Allah, and cigarette brings the pleasure of Syaitan. Siwak makes the mouth smell good, cigarette makes the mouth smell bad. If you stay away from smoking, it helps you remember the Syahadah when your are dying. It is said that whoever dies and have not repented from smoking 40 days earlier, it is feared that he has died in Su'ul Khatimah. Habib Thohir once met Rasulullah (saw) in his dream. In the dream, Rasulullah (saw) was on the way to attending a maulid, but he turned back when he saw a person smoking near the maulid. Therefore, Habib Muhaimin (the one translating) added, we should tighten security and prevent people from smoking during maulids.



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on the Monday, October 29, 2007 7:42:00 PM, Blogger Awang Goneng said...

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on the Monday, October 29, 2007 7:46:00 PM, Blogger Awang Goneng said...

Salam aleykum!

Many thanks for posting the tazkirah of Sheikh Salim As-Shatiri. I value especially what he said about smoking and have passed it on to many friends who are still fuming ;¬)

AlhamduliLlah, wassolatu wassalamu 'ala rasuliLlah!

Jazakallah khayran!

PS I arrived here via Bin Gregory Productions. May Allah reward you both.


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